Services Overview

PELHAM Lawyers, Services Overview.

PELHAM Lawyers is a boutique law firm only offering legal expertise and advice in areas which it is a specialist in. Areas of specialist expertise include Owners Corporation Law, Property Law and Commercial Law . Should you desire advice in an area of law not provided by PELHAM Lawyers, we will refer you to another law firm with sufficient expertise in the relevant area.

Owners Corporation Law
- set up of Owners Corporations
- registration of plans of subdivisions
- drafting rules of Owners Corporations
- advising on operation & administration of Owners Corporations
- conversion of company share and stratum title developments to strata title
- altering units of lot liability and entitlements
- debt recovery for Owners Corporations
- dispute resolution for Owners Corporations, lot owners, tenants and contractors
- defence and prosecution of negligence and professional indemnity claims
 -  restructuring of retirement villages with Owners Corporations
 -  caretaking and facilities management agreements
 -  loans to and from Owners Corporations
Commercial Law
- purchase and sale of businesses & companies
- insolvency and bankruptcy
- insurance
- succession planning
- contractual disputes
- debt collection
Property Law
- residential & commercial leasing
- adverse possession claims
- conveyancing
- retirement & age car facilities
- domestic and commercial building disputes
- Security of Payments Act 2002 disputes
- Water Act 1989 disputes
- town planning and Section 173 Agreements
- pursuit of and defence of property damage claims